special offer package “5 waters”

Experience the Soča Valley – from water to bread and milk

The package includes

3 nights with breakfast, 3 romantic dinners, transportation on-site, 1x wine tasting in our wine cellar, a whole-day long guided tour of “5 waters” with packed snacks, lunch, workshop on bread making with lees and water from five waters, rafting on the Soča River and milking a cow with workshop on cheese making and tasting

The maximum number of people on individual tour is 6, minimum is 2 persons. Price: EUR 1,450 for two persons

Price: EUR 1,450 for two persons

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Package description

Day 1
We will wait for the guests at one of the nearby airports by prior arrangement and bring them with the hotel chauffeur to Bovec, the Dobra Vila Hotel. Upon arrival, we will place guest in one of our glamorous rooms and serve them with chosen welcome in our flower garden. Before the romantic dinner, guests will be taken to our wine cellar, where they will be given a presentation of Slovenian wine-growing districts, which will be followed by wine tasting. This is followed by the first dinner prepared by the chef, coming from a Michelin starred restaurant. In the candlelight of a unique green terrace with the view on the surrounding mountains, guests will be served dishes of the highest quality cuisine typical of the Soča Valley. Our chef draws both knowledge and ingredients to prepare dishes from the local area. After a culinary pampering, an overnight stay in one of our boutique rooms follows.
Day 2
On the second day, after the royal breakfast, prepared from healthy and organic food, we will make an excursion with a visit to five waters. Tour and transportation will be done by a local guide. We will reveal to our guests the hidden corners of our beautiful valley, which has not been reached by mass tourism yet. In addition, we will visit five waters running through the valley. The waters we will see and present throughout the story to our guests are: Koritnica, Virje Waterfall, Water Springs – Sv. Lenart, Soča, Boka Waterfall
We will walk through the centuries-old forests, observe the animals in the pastures, listen to the birds sing, drink the pure spring water, sit in the shade of the trees with magnificent views of the unspoiled nature, and tell them the stories of our ancestors, places and five waters visited. The guests will drink each of the mentioned waters and their tastes will be assessed by guests. The waters are diverse, so we will listen to the guests and choose the most delicious water. Guests will be able to store 2 dcl of each of the visited and tasted waters in the bottle that will be carried by the guide. The water will be carried to the Dobra Vila Hotel, where, with the help of kitchen staff, they will make the bread with the lees and herbs collected during the tour. We will prepare a culinary workshop for baking bread with lees, where good water is a key element for making a good bread. They will be served the bread for dinner and next day for breakfast. Everyone will also get a recipe for making bread. By that, after visiting the five waters and baking bread, guests will enjoy the culinary pampering of the chef at our restaurant.  
Dinner will be served in candlelight and torchlight on our terrace, which continues with a boundless lawn. The atmosphere will be even more romantic in the starlight, where the cicadas and crickets will be in charge of pleasant music. We will enrich it with a top-quality selection of wines from Slovenian wine-growing districts. Dinner is followed by sleeping in boutique rooms on silk bedding.

Day 3
In the morning, the sunlight that sneaks into rooms from nearby mountains will wake up the guests.  Breakfast, which will be carefully prepared from selected local ingredients and home-made bread will be prepared and served. After breakfast, we will take our guests using an individual approach to the most beautiful parts of our Soča. On a slightly adrenalin-marked morning excursion, guests will enjoy watching green nature on rafting along the emerald-clear Soča River. In order to ensure intimacy for our guests, we will avoid places known for mass tourism. For rafting, we will choose more uninhabited parts of our beautiful Soča River. After lunch, we will take guests to the mountain of Božca, where we will introduce the mountain cheese dairy. Guests will participate in the production of cheese curd, whey and in the afternoon they will be tested in cow milking skills. In this way, we will offer our guests the possibility of contact with domestic animals – brown breed cattle, which are characteristic for Bover region. For many people, it will be a real experience when they try to milk a cow with their hands and milk a deciliter of milk from the udder. Guests will be offered fresh raw milk immediately after milking. This is followed by cheese tasting made in mountain cheese dairy. (All this is possible from May to September. In the winter, however, guests will be taken to the local cheesemaker in Bovec for the same experience). After this, the return to the Dobra Vila Hotel is scheduled, where we will have dinner.

Day 4
After breakfast, guests will be presented with ingredients and recipe for making bread with leeks and, if they wish, take them to the nearby airports or to see Slovenia’s tourist attractions.