Traditional with a modern twist ...

Modern, unique cuisine executed creatively using local ingredients. Dobra Vila offers menus that are based on seasonal diversity.

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Dobra Vila offers menus that are based on seasonal diversity

In the spring we have French creamy potatoes infused with wild garlic, green asparagus in a homemade goat cheese sauce and sprinkled with peanuts and yellow primroses on your dessert ... A light fillet of trout on goat butter, the aroma of basil and a symphony of yoghurt parfait topped with home grown strawberries, raspberries and blueberries ... A scoop of homemade ice cream made from the flavourful Tonka bean ...

Summer is an explosion for the senses, love and flavours ... Nature presents itself in all its glory. The culinary delights are light and diverse, and you can enjoy a pleasant evening on our ‘white terrace’ where you will be accompanied by the summer night song of the crickets. 

Menu »To stop time«


Menu »Our moments«

Four-course menu 49 €
(hotel guests 45 €)


Six-course menu 60 €


About Tomaž and Yuki

Tomaž is a local who has always been full of curiosity. One day he realised that the local restaurants no longer had much to offer him in the way of expertise. And since his desire to obtain culinary knowledge was so great, he decided to travel abroad to discover new experiences. His path took him to Italy where he worked under a number of chefs, learning many new things and finding inspiration on the way. After this, his next step brought him back to his homeland where he found a position at Hiša Franko. It was there that he met his future wife Yuki, who came all the way from Japan.

Yuki first came to Slovenia as a tourist. But that one trip to Slovenia was enough to enchant her. Her wish was to return and, as a pastry chef, learn new skills in this area, learn how to make typical Slovenian desserts and get to know Slovenia itself. But as is common, her life path took her somewhere completely different that she had originally planned. She stayed here in Slovenia where she has been, since 2012, in charge of making breakfasts and creating delicate dessert with her talented hands.
When creating his dishes, Chef Tomaž time and again finds inspiration in the local environment and brings out the best flavours from each individual ingredient.

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